Economy> “Act and think like Roger Federer” will be available on April 15

The editorial staff of Welovetennis received a preview of the book by our Swiss colleague Mathieu Aeschmann.

“Acting and thinking like Roger Federer” is a very personal decryption of the Swiss career but also of the values ​​he embodies.

This book is part of a collection Agir et Penser comme… there has already been James Bond, Nietzche etc…

Each part begins with RF… something, RF is sensitive, RF tells the truth, RF thinks far, and ends with a conclusion that can adapt to everyone’s life.

We learn some anecdotes that say a lot about the Maestro that the author knows very well for having worked with him on the court with the Swiss junior team.

We are going for a few days to offer you some good sheets.

Published by Editions de l’Opportun, it will be available from April 15 at a price of 12.90.

We confirm that if you like Roger or if you want to know more about him, it is a more than profitable “investment”

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