Economy overtakes climate policy | Abroad

Climate change – Reto Knutti, Professor of Climate Physics at ETH Zurich, is optimistic about the signals from business on climate policy. The economy is one step ahead of climate policy.

There are many companies that are seriously considering the question of how to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero, said Knutti in an interview with “NZZ am Sonntag”. They sought an exchange with science.

The spectrum ranges from state-related companies such as the SBB or Swisscom to private engineering offices, banks and construction companies. Sustainability is no longer a left-green topic in a pro-forma sustainability department, but a top priority.

“While politics stood still, the economy made progress,” Knutti continued. The economy has overtaken politics because it has anticipated the coming legislation. The companies see new market and profiling opportunities.

The CO2 law was rejected by the Swiss people in a first attempt a year ago. However, the companies are aware that it is only a matter of time before a new start is made. Legislation in the EU is also crucial.

The Green New Deal imposes strict requirements on the economy. And that also affects the export economy in Switzerland. The economy has recognized that it is too risky not to do it.