Economy: The Recycléa company will invest the former premises of Transcom in Montluçon and create 300 jobs

The company Recycléa will install its new recruits in the former premises of Transcom near the Athanor center.

They hesitated before making this decision, but the managers of Recycléa – a suitable company specializing in the reuse of equipment from the technological industry – will develop well in Montluçon. Frédéric Laporte, president of Montluçon Community confirmed this in plenary session on Monday, June 14, 2021. “Recycléa has confirmed the recruitment of 300 people on the former Transcom site and will invest nearly one and a half million euros for its renovation.”Information confirmed by the director of the adapted company Sebastien Raynaud:“It was the most practical solution for us. Firstly because all our teams are based in Montluçon, then because Transcom has many advantages: an ideal location, because the site is served by public transport, we are also connected to all the telephone operator networks, the location is covered by 4G… The big minus – is that there is a huge amount of work to be done.

There is a lot of work to be done

Sebastien raynaud

Everything to rebuild

And it is an understatement to say that there is everything to rebuild on the site of this former call center. Located near Athanor, the building has been squatted since the company was liquidated in 2013. At the time, 73 employees had lost their jobs. “There are only the walls. The windows are broken, there is no more air conditioning and there have been two or three fires“, Comments Sébastien Raynaud. “We launched the consultation to find a project manager, explains Pierre Deludet, vice-president in charge of the economic development of Montluçon Community. An architect and a technical studies firm will be appointed shortly.

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The site promises to be vast. Recycléa hopes that the deal will be concluded in April 2022. However, discussions with the CCI suggest a final installation in July. Ultimately, 300 employees should occupy the premises. The vast majority will work as a telephone assistant for clients with very specific requests on the use of software in a business. “For example, we are currently managing the entire Adobe Suite licensing system for a large public customer.“, Enlightens Sebastien Raynaud.

Training continues

These jobs require extensive training that the company currently provides in the CCI’s premises at 13, boulevard Carnot (see La Semaine de l’Allier, January 28, 2021). It is also likely to soon be cramped there. “The ideal for our installation at Transcom would be at the beginning of April, because we risk reaching the 120 people trained in spring 2022., assures Sebastien Raynaud. We can go up to this figure with the Saint-Victor site, which we will keep and the Chamber of Commerce. Otherwise a few rooms could be allocated to us in the building.

The ideal for our installation at Transcom would be at the beginning of April, because we risk reaching the 120 people trained in spring 2022.

Sebastien raynaud

The other solution would be for employees to invest in Transcom during the work. “The site has four huge platforms, we may be able to organize to relocate the staff when one of them is finished.”We will still have to discuss with the CCI, which will remain the owners of the premises for at least 15 years. “The CCI will make the investments and will receive rent in the form of a financial lease ”, says Pierre Deludet.

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