ecorand – non-profit & technology in the fight against climate change

(open PR) ecorand is a non-profit association whose goal is to reduce CO2 make a contribution to combating climate change. It enables companies to reduce their CO through reforestation projects2-Compensate emissions cost-effectively. With the CO2calculator, companies can use their CO2-Record your footprint and reduce emissions by offsetting “CO2-Fighter” label. The aim of ecorand is to Plant 1 billion trees worldwide and to create a blockchain-based transparency register for climate actions.

ecorand is a non-profit association from Linz that enables companies to carry out effective climate campaigns. Thanks to the non-profit structure, effective measures to bind CO2, such as planting trees, can be made available at low cost.

In this way, companies can compensate for emissions that could not be saved despite great efforts. ecorand offers one based on scientific studies CO2 calculatorwhich makes it possible to record the company’s CO2 footprint in just a few clicks and then offset it through reforestation projects at home and abroad.

Every company that successfully offsets emissions via ecorand receives a “CO2 Fighter” label, which it uses in the company’s communication, e.g. B. in the footer of the website, in the signature of e-mails or in other communication measures.

ecorand was founded by Alexander Pühringer and Stefan Riepl, who decided in July 2022 to actively fight climate change and invest their contacts, knowledge and energy in this sustainability project.

ecorand’s goal is to plant 1 billion additional trees worldwide by 2023 and to set new standards in transparency around climate action. For this purpose, a blockchain-based transparency register for climate actions is to be created, which will document all actions transparently, irrevocably and traceably.

ecorand is a non-profit association whose goal is to contribute to combating climate change by reducing CO2. It enables companies to cost-effectively offset their CO2 emissions through reforestation projects.