Ecstasy pill or pack of cocaine in your pocket? CDA doesn’t want to tolerate it anymore

Political reporter Ewoud Kieviet:

“This is not a new position of the CDA. The party has always been critical of the Dutch tolerance policy and of drug use in general. But what is new is that it is described so extensively. A connection is made very clearly between drug crime. that we have seen in recent years, with the murders of Derk Wiersum and Peter R. de Vries as the lowest point, and the use of pills and cocaine.”

“The CDA has recently been reformulating its spearheads in these kinds of vision documents. Member of Parliament Derk Boswijk previously presented a vision on nitrogen, in which he discussed, among other things, shrinking livestock. And his colleague Henri Bontebal came up with a climate vision in which “It becomes clear that the CDA is taking a greener course. It is a way to get back on track and to clarify what the most important topics are.”

“Whether the vision documents will also influence the coalition agreement, which the CDA is co-negotiating, is the big question. The ChristenUnie will support a tougher approach to drug use, but that is a bit more complicated with liberal parties such as VVD and D66. The VVD does want a tougher approach to drug crime, and safety is one of the major themes that the new cabinet wants to work on.”