Ed Sheeran concert is on the verge

Ed Sheeran concert is on the verge

Anyone looking for tickets for the open-air concert of Ed Sheeran looking in Dusseldorf, will be out of luck: sold out, it says at the ticket providers, 85000 cards – the most expensive cost 250 euros – are sold. But even those in possession of a ticket could be disappointed: At the moment it looks as if the appearance of the British superstar on 22 July is on the verge. The reason for this are dislocations in the city center, nature conservation concerns and security issues. The opposition CDU faction has decided this week to refuse the event its approval. “There are just too many unanswered questions that can not be answered under the pressure of time,” said the Dusseldorf CDU boss Thomas Jarzombek to justification. Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel of the SPD sees this completely differently. He sees no factual reason to deny the appearance of the appearance, and fears a “dramatic reputational damage” if the event has to be canceled. Skylarks and bombs prevented the original concert The concert will take place on a fair parking lot in the north of Dusseldorf, which the city would anyway like to develop into a venue for open-air events. Originally this should happen only next year. But surprisingly, the management of Ed Sheeran was looking for an alternative location for an originally planned at Essen-Mülheim airport earlier this year. Protected Feldlerchen and bombs from the Second World War prevented that the 27-year-old artist could sing there. So now Dusseldorf. The city wanted to help out – after all, Sheeran’s appearance as a premiere at the new venue would be a great advertisement. The fact that 104 trees have to be cut down on the site called for conservationists and the Greens to get on the scene. More than a hundred trees for four hours of concert to sacrifice, was not appropriate, it was said. In the discussion about it was overlooked by some that these trees would have to give way for the new venue anyway. A traffic researcher criticized the security concept When the “Westdeutsche Zeitung” finally cited traffic researcher Michael Schreckenberg, who entered the Processing of the Love Parade disaster of Duisburg, the debate focused on the security aspect: He saw in the project a “hastily planned” event, “their planning time is insufficient to ensure the safety of visitors,” said Schreckenberg the newspaper. A spokesman for the Düsseldorf fire department contradicted. There had been no compromise on safety in Dusseldorf. “We have witnessed the Loveparade disaster close up. Our demands were all fulfilled. “The situation, so the spokesman further, is not comparable with that in Duisburg. There are no bottlenecks on the site without escape rooms. During a storm, the adjoining exhibition halls and the nearby arena would be ready.

The decision is postponed – to the 27th of June Actually, the planning committee should vote on Wednesday on the submission and thus on the concert. But Mayor Geisel said the appointment and adjourned the committee on 27 June. Until then, so it is from the town hall, you will fulfill the desire for more information. In addition, a “modified decision proposal” should be introduced. “Perfect”, as the current hit Sheerans is called, is thus not only in Düsseldorf a long way. “There is a certain amount of uncertainty among the ticket holders,” says Bernd Zerbin, press spokesman for the FKP Scorpio concert agency, which is based in Hamburg. He confirms that the concert in Dusseldorf has been sold out for months. Also in the agency one waits now for the decision of the city on 27.June. “The approval process for such a concert is a process. We fulfilled all requirements, “explains Zerbin. If further improvements were required, these would also be done. “At the moment we are not thinking about the worst case. We do everything to ensure that the concert can take place. “And if not? “Then we will take the tickets back and refund.” (with dpa)

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