“Édgar Ramírez was perfect to play Aguirre”

Legends, curses and villains that revive from the past … Disney has risked repeating old and proven formulas to bring to the screen a film that brings together elements of some of its franchises, such as the blockbuster saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, or its renewed version of Jumanji.

But in deference to those references that clearly revive in the memory of the viewer who sees Jungle Cruise, this film, inspired by the famous attraction of the same name at Magic Kingdom Park, one of the most popular Disney theme parks, and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Barcelona, ​​Spain, 1974), seeks to reproduce in the cinema the experiences that they live in these attractions so that global audiences embark – literally – on a wild journey through the rivers of the Amazon.

Collet-Serra expresses that it is “a film designed to be enjoyed with the family. That was the starting point for all of us ”, on the other hand, he adds that the comedy of attraction has evolved over the years and was a part that could not be excluded to make the cinematic experience more vivid. “Many famous people were captains of the Disneyland Jungle Cruise. So we took that as a tonal guide and, from there on, we created a mythology, characters and situations that would place the audience in the attraction, expanding the Disneyland experience. But now they can have it in the movies with Captain Frank Wolff. “

Dwayne Johnson as Captain Wolf and Emily Blunt as the intrepid Lily make up the duo that brings chemistry and adventure to this story, but it is the Venezuelan Édgar Ramírez, according to Collet-Serra, who serves as the common thread and villain that sustains the story.

Emily Blunt, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jaume Collet-Serra on the set of Jungle Cruise (COURTESY)

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“Aguirre, played by Ramírez, is the catalyst for the whole story. He is one of the original conquerors who goes to the Amazon, and as many conquerors did at the time, he is looking for gold, or fortune, or secrets or some kind of power. He is the first to come into contact with the tears of the moon and, therefore, to start the myth ”.

“We needed a fabulous actor to feel comfortable acting in that space, with all the armor and costumes,” continues Collect-Serra. And Édgar, whom I have known for years and is a friend of mine, seemed ideal for the role. In addition, that character has many associated visual effects, so we needed an actor who could transcend the technical aspect of the visual effect and still make an excellent performance, and that is why he was perfect to embody Aguirre ”.

For the director, having incredible talents such as Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on the set of this production that is brimming with visual effects, and which cost around $ 200 million, was a sign of the dynamism and fun that both bring to their films. characters and every scene of this new film that promises to take over the box office in the United States on its first opening weekend.

“We have the incredible Dwayne in the role of Frank Wolff. He is an extraordinary actor and a wonderful person, very funny. He has this mischievous look in his eyes and I wanted that to be in this movie because he’s usually doing action scenes and chasing villains, so he doesn’t have a lot of time to have fun. I wanted to see him as Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen. Someone who is a trickster, but with whom one would like to be and have a few drinks, who is accessible and at the same time selfish, but who one forgives because he is very nice. Dwayne is that, and I wanted all of that to show, ”says Collet-Serra.

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“Lily is played by the amazing Emily Blunt. She wouldn’t exist without Emily, ”he continues. We treat her like Indiana Jones. You don’t care or don’t know why you are doing what you are doing; you follow her because you are captivated by her. It goes with the flow. And the philosophy with Emily was very simple: she would jump into an action sequence and solve it later, and that created a lot of very dynamic situations. “

“She loved the action. She told me that she had a wonderful time making this movie because we provided her with a playground and she was able to do almost everything that Lily could do. And it was great. But obviously, she is an extraordinary actress. He brought the character to life. He really helped develop the character and write his own dialogue. Emily and Dwayne together were simply extraordinary ”, concludes the director.

Jungle Cruise It is now available in the national billboard and also brings to the screen the beloved characters played by Jack Whitehall (MacGregor), Jesse Plemons (the evil Prince Joachim) and the iconic Paul Giamatti (Nile).