Edge 30: The world’s thinnest 5G phone makes good progress in discreet evolution | Analysis / Review

The Edge 30 is Motorola’s thinnest phone and it brings some improvements compared to the Edge 20 released last year. It’s still made of plastic, either on the back or sides, but now it has a more polished finish and feels like a really premium device.

The screen has shrunk, but the panel is still 144 Hz OLED with a good level of brightness and that displays beautiful colors. The sound is now stereo and fixes one of the big flaws of its predecessor. The power is good, as is the sound quality, but it tends to distort a little at full volume.

Performance has barely improved with the switch from the Snapdragon 778G to the Plus variant. Edge 30 is fast multitasking and runs the best games available for Android well. For the price you pay it is possible to find cell phones with more powerful hardware.

The battery lasts all day. It doesn’t quite excite or be among the best in the segment, so don’t overuse it so you don’t run out of cell phone before the end of the day. The charger that comes with the cell phone now delivers a maximum power of 33W. It takes an average of 1 hour to fully charge the battery.

The 108 MP camera has given way to a smaller 50 MP sensor. The photographic quality is good, but it is still not the Edge’s main highlight. The ultra-wide has advanced the sensor without directly gaining in quality. The telephoto lens gave way to a simple scenery blur sensor. The camcorder takes good videos and has better stabilization than before.

Is it worth buying the Edge 30? If you are looking for a slim phone with good specifications, you will like the device. Now if camera is very important, you will find better options on the market.

Edge 30 was launched in Brazil in June 2022 by R$ 3.999. If you are looking for the best deals, just check the lowest price below and buy yours: