Edina Balogh and her husband announced the wonderful news with a picture: the next one is coming

Edina Balogh, who played the King of Mátyás tér, whom I met in Friends, couldn’t be happier! Life did not stop for him even after the popular series, since he has been regularly appearing on the TV screen, in shows and competitions ever since. However, the greatest emphasis is on her private life: in 2012, she married Krisztián Som, who was the music producer of Barátok közt. The children soon arrived – their son, Noel, was born in 2013, and their daughter, Lilien, was born in 2017.

Photo: Pepper

The actress is happier than ever, as she lives in an idyllic marriage and her children are healthy and beautiful. And now Edina has shared another piece of good news with her fans.

Her husband Krisztián Som, who has a gold disc, is of course at the center of her life, and her career reached a turning point a year ago. He shared his own music video in which he sang and his beautiful wife Edina Balogh took the lead role.

The music video was very successful, the fans listened to the song to their heart’s content, which is why it is not surprising that everyone is celebrating after hearing the latest announcement: the next one is coming! Both Krisztián Som and Edina Balogh posted on their social media pages, in which they informed the fans that the new work will soon be available to watch, in which, it seems, Edina Balogh plays the main role again. The premiere of the song and the music video will take place today, March 23.