Edina Kulcsár showed her huge belly – Photo

Edina Kulcsár and G.w.M they couldn’t be happier, as they are already expecting the arrival of their first child together. They also recently revealed to the public that Edina he carries a little girl under his heart. The happy parents found out the gender of the newcomer at a party of ninety people.

Edina Kulcsár and GwM / Photo: Sándor Bánkúti / Bors

“Nina will be three by the time the youngest brother is born” – he told our newspaper earlier Edina Kulcsárwhich revealed that the little one will arrive after April 21, Nina because he will be three years old that day.

Regarding her third pregnancy Edina He revealed some details on his Instagram page:

“I didn’t have a small belly during my first 2 pregnancies either, but my current pregnancy is absolutely the prime in terms of size. They say that with each pregnancy, the belly gets bigger and bigger. Based on my experience so far, I can absolutely support this. And the picture was taken by the most skillful little photographer, my little son, Medox! ” – he wrote next to his potty photo Edina Kulcsárwhich you can view by clicking here.