Edition Thionville – Hayange | Shamrock: the success story wins the Rives de Clausen

The pressure is mounting for Sébastien Lenninger. Very soon, this Thursday, February 13, the Thionvillois will give birth to a new Shamrock. At the Rives de Clausen, Mecca of Luxembourg nights.

Or one more step in the development policy led by this thirty-something, former waiter at the Nimby bar in Thionville. The head of the company measures the progress made and goes back, on date, to what looks like a hell of a success story.

June 2017: Thionville

Born in Thionville, Sébastien Lenninger very early on saw the potential of an institution in the city. The Shamrock, an old-fashioned pub, draped in its woody costume and flavored with hops. The fame is there, the idea of ​​duplicating it comes up very early in the mind of our entrepreneur: “With my two partners, we did not hesitate to look further. Not so far, in fact, just thirty kilometers further south.

August 2018: Metz

From one institution to another. The first Shamrock clone took possession of the reputed walls of O’Carolans. Located at the entrance of Metz, licking the Place de la République, the brand, which also sits on a long tradition of Anglo-Saxon advertising, fully met the expectations of buyers: “The registry quickly took over,” says Sébastien. . Our concept is very easily exportable: preferably wooden furniture, draft beer and a bar service ”

The Shamrock still stands out in the field of events: “Concerts, shows, theme evenings. We vary the pleasures. The formula works. And quickly gives him the idea to go further. Much further, exactly 190 kilometers from Metz.

November 2018: Reims

“It is above all the opportunity that explains our installation in Reims” An ideal location, where the heart of the city beats. And an attractive price. Champagne: the business was a hit from the start. She loves a student audience. Partners don’t take the time to breathe. They are already targeting another relocation. In a neighboring country, not very far from Thionville, 36 km further north.

January 2019: Luxembourg-city

A daring gamble. And that we imagine expensive. Less than three months after the Reims inauguration, the Shamrock besieges Luxembourg, a country where the price of m² froth like a good pint of beer. Worse (or better), the entrepreneurial spirit of Sébastien and his associates stopped at the spot of the moment in the Grand-Ducal capital: a room nestled next to the Royal-Hamilius, a shopping center freshly inaugurated in the upper town .

Conclusion: “It works well, especially in after-work. We have a more business clientele who loosens the tie after work. What is becoming more and more like a franchise extends its tentacles to 156 km away.

November 2019: Namur

After selling the shares of the original Thharmville Sharmock in April, the trio of associates are continuing their international development. Make way for Belgium and the student city of Namur: “We are located right in front of the university … Suffice to say that we didn’t need to advertise. Diekirch (in particular) would flow there afloat. Return to the previous stage (156 km in reverse).

February 2019: Rives de Clausen

Some people think she is “wrongly” asleep. Luxembourg’s festive artery, the Rives de Clausen, sees the Shamrock’s latest addition tumble down. Thanks to the support of a brewer, who facilitated their installation, Sébastien Lenninger’s teams dressed the deceased Siam restaurant. Or a 180 m² playground.

Innovation: the concept is nourished by a catering offer, the ShamKitchen’s. “With the Rives, we are still going upmarket” Rather under pressure.

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