When the Breast Cancer Awareness month began two weeks ago, we listed the amount of specialized care available in Northwest Indiana.

In particular, we found that our region has a wealth of first-rate breast cancer care options, with no less than 25 facilities run jointly by the Community Healthcare System, Franciscan Health, Porter Health Care System and Methodist Hospitals. The district.

In an article on the front page on Friday, The Times Health Reporter Giles Bruce gave another important reminder that life-saving cancer treatment is thriving in our region.

Bruce's report reminds us that it's not always about treatment. Sometimes, our best technological advantages are those that calm down patient worries quickly.

Earlier this year, Royce Campbell, 55, of Highland, received the shocking news of an anomaly in her mammogram results.

A new technology, available from the Community Hospital Womens Diagnostic Center, quickly took the worries away.

A process called Brevera Biopsy – which removes breast tissue, prepares it for the lab and shoots real-time imaging of the affected area, all at once – quickly showed their anomaly was not cancerous.

The technology reduces the time required for such tests by up to 25 percent, according to the Community Hospital in Munster.

It means faster treatment for patients who are tested positive for cancer, and a shorter path to a clear head for those who are tested negative.

"The sooner we get the results, the faster our patients will get to the treatment," Dr. Mary Nicholson, Director of the Breast Imaging Department for the Community Health System. "Everything we do is designed to shorten the wait and reduce anxiety."

Community investment in such technology is yet another example of the many reasons why local residents do not have to travel to Chicago or Indianapolis for state-of-the-art treatment.



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