“Edomex Governorship Candidates: A Breakdown of their Proposals”


After three months of campaigning, the candidates Alejandra Del Moral and Delfina Gómez are a few days away from disputing the governorship of Edomex.

Daniel Arriaga

The candidates for Mexico state are a couple of days away from finishing their campaigns, after 140 days of activities and rallies throughout the entity.

During this period, the representative of the alliance “It goes through the State of Mexico“, Alejandra Del Moral, and the coalition candidate “Together we will make history“, Delfina Gomezhave submitted several dozen proposals to improve their entity.

To find out what they are and in what areas they privilege each one, IMER News made a list of his proposals of each.

Alejandra Del Moral, candidate of PAN, PRI, PRD


  • Improve coordination between neighboring states to work on security in the State of Mexico.
  • Unite the national guard, the army and the police.
  • Install cameras on police uniforms, train and monitor public security forces.
  • Strengthen the Orange Network to deal with cases of gender violence in the state.
  • It will create the alert button for cell phones.
  • It will build more and better shelters for women victims of violence.
  • Two new C5s: one in Jilotepec and another in Amecameca.
  • The gender police will be expanded to 10,000 elements.
  • Fight impunity with a new law so that officials who commit this crime cannot work again in the state public administration.
  • It will invest in the 20,000 existing security cameras and install another 20,000.
  • It will improve the equipment of the policemen, the benefits and the salary of the policemen.


  • Attract investment to generate more and better paid jobs.
  • Support small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Strengthen tourism.
  • Solve informal trade.
  • Create a trust for competitiveness and development.
  • Creation of a trust to rehabilitate 130 industrial parks.
  • Reduce and digitize procedures and that the government works on the business side.

environmental protection

  • It will respect the use of land and stop urbanization on agricultural, forest and wetland land with sustainable alternatives.
  • It will reduce open-air dumps in half.
  • It will close all clandestine dumpsites with the support of the municipal presidents.
  • It will improve the infrastructure and equipment for waste.
  • It will install plants that classify, compact and order the garbage.
  • In order to solve the water shortage, it will rescue the Lerma River, regularize the residual waters and stop the filling of the Xico lagoons.
  • It will invest 100 million pesos annually for the protection of forests.
  • It will install 100,000 solar panels in homes.


  • Recover full-time schools.
  • He promised online courses from online education plans and programs, with evaluation and accreditation, of all those who want to study online.
  • Construction of eight new universities: two in the south, one in the Valley of Toluca, four in the Valley of Mexico and one in the North.
  • Bring indigenous education in secondary and high school.
  • Strengthen the professional system of state educational career.
  • It will guarantee benefits to education workers.
  • Training and preparation for teaching staff.
  • It will offer nurseries to daughters and sons and will open 10,000 places per year.

Social programs

  • Recover children’s stays and popular insurance.
  • Expand the Pink Salary, now making it the Family Salary.
  • Incorporate unemployment insurance to empower people while they search for a new job.
  • It promises young people support such as the first young job and credits.


  • Modernize public transport.
  • It will improve transfer centers.
  • It will open two new lines of Mexicable.


  • Strengthen and expand the network of state museums.
  • Build two new film libraries: one in Ecatepec and another in Nezahualcóyotl.
  • Construction of a new music conservatory in the east.
  • It will open a cultural center with a museum, film library, library and conservatory.

Delfina Gómez, candidate of Morena, Labor and Green Ecologist parties

Social programs

  • Strengthen and expand the Salario Rosa program for all women in the State of Mexico. However, it will change its name and remove the alleged intermediaries that deliver the resources.
  • Expand social programs to all Mexicans in vulnerable conditions.
  • social security and health services for all.
  • Actions so that everyone has decent housing.
  • For young people, he promised the right to the first job and facility for the first home, strengthening care centers and comprehensive development for girls, boys and young people.
  • He promised to protect the native peoples.


  • Strengthen the gender police, the violet cell and prevention.
  • Install cameras on public transport and panic buttons.
  • Improve security coordination to detect the areas where the most assaults take place.
  • Improve training, coordination and equipment for authorities.
  • Expedite complaints to the Public Ministries and provide them with support.
  • Strengthen the neighborhood police.
  • Install more security cameras.
  • Resolve the overcrowding of the Penitentiary Centers.


  • Strengthen existing clinics with drugs, medical personnel, and better equipment.
  • It will inaugurate three “Arcoíris” clinics to care for people with HIV in the North, West and Toluca.
  • More support for disease prevention programs.

environment protection

  • Combat the water problem with a cleanup in the rivers and dams of the State of Mexico.
  • The rescue of wetlands and bodies of water.
  • Actions to increase water collection, reforestation and maintenance of the pipeline system.
  • Creation of new sanitary landfills.
  • No more privatization of water, forests or resources.
  • Animal protection and their rights.

agricultural sector

  • Delivery of necessary equipment for workers in the field such as tractors.
  • Fix crop roads.
  • Delivery of seeds and fertilizers.
  • Technical advice to universities.
  • Eliminate intermediaries in the sale of farm products.
  • Delivery of deeds to farmers and peasants to demonstrate that they are owners of those lands.
  • Dialogue with the farmers so that they move to the localities where paperwork is wanted.


  • He promised a cabinet made up of 50 percent men and 50 percent women, it will also incorporate people from the LGBTIQ+ community and indigenous people.
  • Fight corruption.
  • Promote austerity in the government with a reduction in salaries for senior officials.
  • Improve the equipment of public services.

Public transportation

  • Modernize roads, highways and paths.
  • More transport units and routes of the suburban, mexicable and mexibu.
  • Expand line 5 of the metro.


  • Promote investments to place the State of Mexico as the logistics center of the country.


  • Quality education for all young people.
  • The creation of a new public university.
  • He promised to base the largest number of teachers.

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