Eduards Tralmaks helps to win the ECHL match with a “hat-trick”

The Mariners beat Worcester Railers 6: 3 (2: 1, 1: 0, 3: 2) at home.

Tralmaks was the top scorer for the Portland team, scoring three goals. During the time on the ice, he threw four goals, earned a two-minute rejection, and finished the game with an efficiency of +2.

For the Portland team, it was the first game of the ECHL this season.

Previously, for four seasons, Tralmaks represented the University of Maine’s Black Bears team, which plays for the National College Sports Association (NCAA), but in March agreed on a contract with the National Hockey League (NHL) team’s Bruins Farm Club. In September he was part of the Bruins training camp, but in early October he was one of seven hockey players sent to the AHL training team.

Last season, the Latvian striker played eight games in the ranks of the AHL unit Providence “Bruins”, in which he stood out with four performance points, scoring two goals and returning two assists.

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