Education 4.0: Are universities prepared to apply it in Peru?

The Education 4.0 It is no longer just a cliché or idea related to the most technologically advanced education providers, but is rapidly becoming a tangible response to the fast-paced world, in which new technologies evolve and students must learn to navigate them .

In order to bring the public closer to new trends in innovation and technology to train professionals of the future, the San Juan Bautista Private University brings this Thursday, August 27, the International Symposium on Higher University Education: “Preparing the way … University 4.0”

In it, topics related to neurosciences, the curriculum, the learning processes in this new reality and the skills necessary for students to access new jobs connected to virtuality will be addressed.

International guests

This international event will feature the participation of the renowned neuroscientist and neurologist, Dr. Facundo Manes, who will share his presentation “Edumorphosis: Neurosciences and evolutionary processes in learning”. Likewise, one of the most influential journalists and writers in Latin America, the Dr. Andrés Oppenheimer, which will develop the topic “Smart Curriculum: Quality and Education 4.0”.

Educators agree that we are not facing a technological challenge, instead, we are facing a methodological challenge, where the fundamental factor is the person and it is here where schools find the main gaps.

Distinguished academics from the San Juan Bautista Private University will be part of the panels. Similarly, students from Lima and the branches of Ica and Chincha will be present, who will seek to enrich their knowledge around the new educational reality. The opening remarks will be given by the Founding President of the UPSJB, the lawyer José Luis Elías Ávalos.

How to take part?

To participate in this free international symposium, you must register at:

The event will take place via Zoom East Thursday, August 27 at 3 pm. (Peruvian time). The moderator of the session will be Federico Salazar.


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