Education. A Côte-d’Orienne awarded at the National Resistance and Deportation Competition

Monday, May 30, the rector of the Dijon academy Pierre N’Gahane presented the prizes for the National Resistance and Deportation Competition, accessible to high school and third-grade students. This event aims to perpetuate the memory and history of this period among younger generations. A student from Côte-d’Or was awarded. Salomé Pimienta-Jacquemard, educated in ninth grade at the Saint-Michel private college in Dijon, received first prize in the individual duty category. The test consisted of a two-hour essay. Damien Sroda, professor of history and geography, conscientiously prepared the college candidates who were volunteers. “It’s a period and a theme that inspired me, comments Salomé. This helps to better understand our world today. I was a little surprised to get this award, but we worked hard to put the odds on our side. »

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