Education adds a new course to the curricula of the secondary paths.. and reveals its advantages and purpose

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Education has started implementing the “financial knowledge” course within the curricula for the common first year of the secondary tracks, which it introduced after studying international and global best practices related to academic courses. To prepare male and female students to acquire the skills of the twenty-first century through a modern, global curriculum, in line with the environment and culture in the Kingdom, and keeping pace with the future aspirations of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Providing the course on the Madrasati platform

The Ministry of Education, through the Curriculum Development Center, adapted the English version of the book and provided it to male and female students through the “Madrasati” platform. To enable them to view the book in its English version that was prepared by the publisher, as well as to provide a guide for teachers to facilitate the teaching process and help them use the correct strategies when teaching the course to students, in addition to preparing presentations for the teacher that contain enrichment materials and mental maps for each chapter in the book, which The teacher can use it when starting to teach.

Course advantages

The book achieves many positives in the educational field by keeping pace with education development plans to reach global competitiveness, and improving educational outcomes, one of the goals of the Human Capacity Development Program, taking into account the national and realistic dimensions in the new curricula, as well as developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts and terminology used in the labor market. Equipping them with 21st century skills and preparing for future jobs, raising students’ awareness of the pros and cons of their choices, in addition to developing a culture of planning for the future in a manner commensurate with the student’s interests, and clarifying available job and investment opportunities.

The aim of the book

The book aims to raise the level of understanding and awareness among students, both male and female, regarding financial knowledge and the mechanism for applying its skills to prepare a competitive citizen globally, by knowing the concept of the labor market to identify the most important sources of income, and charting the way to manage money by identifying the basic needs and desires of the individual and learning about purchasing strategies. In addition to planning for the future by allocating part of the income to meet life conditions resulting from different economic conditions by preparing a clear budget and keeping records to follow up on the plans to be achieved, in addition to developing the saved funds by investing them in many investment opportunities available to the individual, managing credit and identifying its types. Know its pros and cons.