Education .. Allowing foreigners to invest in private schools and revealing the conditions

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Education is studying proposals and amendments to the private schools regulation, after it reviewed 21 articles of the regulation on a survey platform with the participation of 7,000 participants.

Allowing foreign investment

The regulation aims to involve the private sector in providing services in the stages of public education, applying quality standards and improving the level of performance and outputs in private schools, providing education with multiple options and curricula while absorbing new materials in the regulation for future developments, and enabling foreign investment.

the conditions

The regulations allowed that the license applicant be a Saudi or foreign investor or a partnership between them, and that the license applicant be a public interest entity. The regulations stipulated that the license applicant must obtain a commercial registration, and that he should not have been previously sentenced to disciplinary action by expulsion from government service or from a private school, according to “Okaz”.

The regulations indicated that if the applicant for the license is a foreign investor, he must have obtained a license from the Ministry of Investment, and he must have previous experience in providing educational services, and it is not permissible to open a private school, transfer its ownership, assign it, change its name or location, or change the curriculum. The educational stage you are applying for or the licensed study stage before obtaining the prior approval of the Ministry.

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