Education – Berlin – GEW for more money for teacher training in the new double budget – education

Berlin (dpa / bb) – The Berlin Trade Union for Education and Science (GEW) has appealed to state politicians to provide enough money for teacher training in the new double budget. “For a training offensive, it is necessary that the “Best Teacher Training” program for Berlin is continued and expanded,” demanded GEW state chair Martina Regulin on Friday. “The additional ten million euros agreed in the coalition for teacher training must be secured in the budget.” If you want to have more teacher graduates, you also have to invest in teacher training.

The GEW Berlin also criticized that the draft budget does not take into account any funds for compensation for disadvantages in the context of civil service. Berlin wants to be the last federal state to return to civil servants, but for some of the teachers, for reasons of age, for example, this is out of the question. Disadvantage compensation is provided for teachers who remain employees. The GEW accused Red-Green-Red of wanting to quietly and secretly bury this compensation. The Senate has approved a draft for the 2022/23 double budget, which the House of Representatives must discuss and vote on.

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