Education – BG/BRG Wieselburg: presented and blessed the schoolyard

On Tuesday evening of the previous week, the new schoolyard of the Bundes- und Bundesreal Gymnasium Wieselburg was presented and blessed during the parents’ evening for the first classes.

After the parents of the students in the new first grades had received all the important information, they went out into the schoolyard. Naomi Raffezeder, a 4th grader at the Gymnasium, opened the conclusion with a speech about her idea of ​​school. Director Sigrid Fritsch tried to take steps in the right direction: “We can make the best of what we have, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Among other things, the redesign of the schoolyard was important to Sigrid Fritsch. In order to make it appear more colourful, last school year she bought pictures by Margarethe Leputsch, a former high school art teacher. These should beautify the structural concrete, which was not allowed to be painted, and, according to the artist, live on in the schoolyard, inspire the pupils and leave traces in their heads.

Markus Fuchs, Nicole Fuchs, Regina Handl, Kerstin Affengruber and Harald Affengruber (from left) enjoy the end of the parents’ evening.

Alma Heigl

A special thank you from the director Sigrid Fritsch also goes to the mayor Josef Leitner for the good cooperation. Because apart from the pictures and the motor skills park in the schoolyard, the school area has also been expanded to include a second outdoor class and another motor skills park directly on the Erlauf.

It is also important to parent representative Michael Pichler that there is not only an atmosphere of learning, but also of well-being. “The school is in the process of making something good even better,” he emphasized.

Afterwards, Pastor Daniel Kostrzycki said a blessing for the place and all who use it. At the end, director Sigrid Fritsch invited all parents to a cozy get-together.