Education – Magdeburg – Linke: Investments in schools with budget constraints – education

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) – The opposition left-wing faction is urging municipalities to be allowed to take out loans for investments in day-care centers and schools as part of budget consolidation. Such a motion is to be debated in the state parliament this week. It calls on the state government to create appropriate regulations “immediately”. “The local authorities are currently refusing renovations,” said Deputy Group Leader Thomas Lippmann. “Investments should not fall under the axe of fiscal consolidation.”

In addition, the left calls for the speedy implementation of a state school construction program. “Maintaining school buildings is a mandatory task for the municipalities. But then you also have to provide them with financial resources so that they can maintain buildings in the long term,” said Lippmann. There are funds in the budget for the next few years, but the conditions for distribution have so far been completely unclear. A determination of the investment requirements for the school building and the draft of a guideline for the implementation of the state school building program are necessary.

When asked, the Ministry of Education did not want to comment in detail on the state government’s plans. However, the aim is to support the school authorities in “designing the school network in a way that is demography-proof”, said a spokesman. Smaller investments and equipment measures are also to be promoted with an additional support program. “However, the budget has not yet been decided, so that no statements can be made about the further development of the school building program at the moment.”

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