Education sector requires deep and urgent reforms

The Education sector requires deep and urgent reforms, said Thursday in Rabat, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with the Parliament, government spokesman Mustapha Baitas, stressing that the government is “fully aware of this problem. and places the reform of public schools at the center of its major reformist orientations ”.

In response to a question on the age of participation in the recruitment competitions for faculty executives and administrative and social pedagogical support executives, Mr. Baitas noted, during a press briefing at the end of the Council of Government , that “the reform of the education sector is among the priorities of the government”, noting, in this sense, that it is a structural reform aimed at promoting public schools, improving training programs and to provide infrastructure capable of perfecting the concept of quality in the educational ecosystem in Morocco.

The government spokesperson further observed that “the reform of the education system cannot be postponed and requires having the necessary political courage”, adding that the Executive “is fully aware of the importance of this societal project. and has a clear vision of the said reform within the framework of the new development model ”.

This structural reform, he continued, also includes improving the situation of teaching staff, improving educational methods and continuing training programs, as well as rehabilitating school transport and educational and catering structures.


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