Education works on a new computer connectivity and distribution plan

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of Industry, Ariel bowl; the president of Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker; the general secretary of the Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM), Antonio Caló; and cameras and businessmen in the computer industry.

“We formed a work team between the Government and the computer manufacturing companies of the national industry to advance in the new Juana Manso connectivity plan. We believe that it is essential not only to reactivate the industry to guarantee jobs, but to put it at the service of Argentine education, which is going through a very particular moment in this context ”, express Trotta.


Press Ministry of Education.

The Juana Manso connectivity plan seeks to integrate and provide access to technology to all girls, boys and adolescents in Argentina.

“It is very necessary to be able to integrate all our boys and girls and thus reduce the gap and be able to provide, from the national industry, connectivity solutions and access to better technology in each of our homes. Today the pandemic presents us with the enormous challenge of bringing technology to each home and for this we are going to deploy the best of our productive and creative capacities in Argentine industry, ”he said Ariel Shale.

Meanwhile, the president of Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker, referred to the importance that the continuity of the Conectar Igualdad plan would have had in this exceptional context and have strengthened the industry: “If the educational and industrial policy had not been discontinued as it was done in previous years, the boys in public schools they would be in a position to receive digital content even in the pandemic.

In addition, he added that “Banco Nación provides and will provide financing for national companies that require it.”

The meeting was also attended by the General Manager of EDUCAR SE, Laura Mares; the Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Education, Matías Novoa.


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