Educational activity to prevent breast cancer.

Cesfam Dr. René Tapia, develops educational activities to prevent breast cancer.

October 19 is World Breast Cancer Day, Cesfam Dr. René Tapia, during this month carries out education and dissemination to sensitize and raise awareness about the importance of this test, on a regular basis.

At Cesfam, an education and outreach stand was set up, developed by intern students of obstetrics at the San Sebastián University, as pointed out by Jimena Schwerter, midwife at the health center. The purpose is to promote the importance of the breast examination, and refer to mammography and / or breast ultrasound as appropriate.

Worldwide, every 15 seconds a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, he added, a disease that not only affects women, but also men.

This is one of the most prevalent diseases in women, and its prognosis depends on timely diagnosis.

Mammography is a simple exam and can save lives. The chances of recovery from breast cancer detected in its early stage are high.

The professional invited women to resume their gynecological and preventive controls, to take a Pap smear, to prevent cervical cancer and breast examination.

It is also intended to be a reminder of the community’s commitment to breast cancer prevention.

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