Edyta Górniak lost weight. What does the star look like in the new photo?

Edyta Górniak showed a new photo. Its new silhouette attracts attention. You can see that the diva has lost a lot of weight. We know the backstage of its transformation.

Edyta Górniak She has been associated with the scene for over 30 years. She began her career by performing in a musical Metrothanks to which she was noticed by TVP. It was her who was called with a proposal to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. She first took the offer as a joke. It was only after the second phone call that she realized that she was a serious candidate to represent Poland. The performance in Dublin changed her life forever. She has become a leading star in the country and one of the most talented debutants in Europe.

The singer is a beautiful woman and always impresses with her appearance, but despite this, she recently had to face a wave of unfavorable comments about her appearance. She told about everything in an interview with the reporter Jastrząb Post.

Recently, I read malicious comments that I am swollen. No – I just put on weight. Simply in the world. It’s a pity people mock this. Sometimes I’m too skinny, sometimes I’m a little plump […] – Edyta confessed to our reporter.

She also revealed that she knows what is causing this state of affairs:

There are two main reasons, it seems to me. One is that when I was on tour, it was not possible to gain weight, because it is a huge physical effort and very regular meals, because I have a certain time to eat a meal, depending on the starting time of rehearsals, because I have to have an empty, free diaphragm . This gives me a very strict rhythm of the day and I am a bit like an athlete before an important competition. Now, when there are various TV projects, but there are no concerts and no tour, I just let it go.

Edyta, who lives in the mountains, does not have access to iodine and believes that this is also the reason for the excess weight.

And the second thing is, it turns out that there is no iodine in my beloved mountains. So my thyroid is starving for iodine. I have been at the seaside for many years. Now I was at my naturotherapist who checked me with electro-pulses and found that I was completely deficient in iodine. So I have to find some nice place by the sea and it supposedly will adjust what I have always had.

She announced that she should definitely go to the seaside to replenish the iodine deficiency.

Edyta Górniak lost weight. What does it look like?

As she said, she did so. Several posts appeared on her Instagram profile, in which she revealed that she was breathing the craved iodine. Her theory about the salutary action of this element in her case seems to be correct, because she just showed a new photo in which she is much thinner than we saw recently. But that’s not all.

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As Jastrząb Post was able to find out, Edyta switched to a diet that helped her restore her dream figure.

All this to charm the audience in June during the festival in Opole, where he will probably perform – says our source.

In the latest photo, the diva poses with a horse. She chose a loose styling, and yet you can see that she is a few kilograms lighter.

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