Effective bone marrow donations grow 700% in a decade

In Spain, in 2021, there were 276 effective bone marrow donations, a record figure that far exceeds the 221 that were carried out in 2019, the year in which the most had been made to date, and represents a growth of 700% compared to 2011, with 34. And this upward trend has also been confirmed in the first four months of this year, during which there has already been a 25% growth in the number of effective donations.

This increase would be explained, on the one hand, by the increase in the number of donors, which in April this year was already 456,561, which is 5% more than the previous year and places Spain in seventh place in the ranking of bone marrow donors in Europe and fourteenth in the world, but also for the rejuvenation of the Donor Registry (REDMO). And it is that today the average age of donors is 33 years, when in 2011 it was 43 yearsand, in this sense, it must be taken into account that age is the second most important factor when choosing donors after genetic compatibility.