Effenberg would have nominated Götze


Former football international Stefan Effenberg does not quite agree with Joachim Löw’s World Cup squad: he would have nominated Mario Götze – despite his rather bad season at BVB. “From my point of view, it could have been a psychological advantage to call in Mario Götze when it matters,” Effenberg writes in his column T-Online.de “What’s the enemy thinking?” Damn, he’s been doing that thing four years ago. ” You make the opponent nervous and have an advantage. ” Effenberg is not worried about Götze’s future: he is certain that Götze “manages to come back”. Mario Götze: The crash from World Cup hero to the World Cup 29 pictures Effenberg understands Sandro Wagner The resignation of Sandro Wagner Effenberg meanwhile “understands” from the DFB selection of anger about not considering the World Cup. At Wagner’s situation, “would not change. He is already 30 years old and the coaching team will stay the same. He will not be able to change his character, “says Effenberg. Effenberg had flown at the 1994 World Cup after the “Stink Finger Affair” from the national team. After a brief comeback in 1998, he resigned, because in his view, the German Football Association (DFB) had changed in the meantime, nothing for the better. He liked characters like Wagner “with their openness, honesty and directness,” said Effenberg (49), saying that he would have “decided differently” as national coach Joachim Löw : “He has convinced me this season in his role and is a type of player in which I say: Every team can use that and he is self-confident.” In my opinion, it would not have bothered to take Mario Gomez and Wagner with him. ” —– Also read: Götzes crash from World Cup hero to the World Cup Nagelsmann: I grew up with Wagner


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