EFS: the level of blood bag reserves “historically low”

The French Blood Establishment (EFS) has launched a “vital emergency bulletin”, since the level of stocks of blood bags is historically low in France.

More than 100,000 pockets needed

The reserves of sang in France are insufficient, reports Le Figaro. Indeed, theEstablishment French blood (EFS) alerted on Wednesday June 29 that the level of pocket stocks of sang is “historically low“.
This critical situation on the eve of vacation departures could prove dangerous in the short term to treat patients, the establishment wrote in a press release.
He also warned that France is in a similar situation to other European countries. The country must absolutely regain a level of reserves of 110,000 pockets of sang by mid-July, while this stock is now less than 90,000 pockets.

The EFS has launched a call

The level of reserves of sang is too weak to face the summer despite the mobilization of donors in June.
He won’t allow theEFS to supply hospitals and clinics with blood products when it is more difficult to mobilize donors during this time of year.
Faced with this situation, the establishment launched a “vital emergency bulletin” by asking all citizens to mobilize massively in the next 10 days by making an appointment to give their sang.Given the critical situation, all donors will be welcomed“, he said before detailing that some 10,000 donations are needed every day to treat patients who have no other alternative than blood transfusions to be treated.
L’EFS thus calls for a “urgent solidarity of citizens“. The person wishing to give sang can consult a list of collection points on the website or on the Don de sang app.

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