Eggs are dangerous for cholesterol sufferers? Are you sure?

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Sunday, 05/02/2023 13:00 WIB

Photo: Infographics/ Cholesterol/ Edward Ricardo

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Eggs are a cheap source of protein that people can get. But many people who have high cholesterol levels are asked to stay away from eggs, why?

Please note, in one egg, there are about 185-200 mg of cholesterol. Egg yolks contain some fat, but the whites contain almost no fat.

Quoting the Heart Foundation, many misconceptions about eggs stem from the fact that egg yolks contain fat. In fact, the effect of egg yolks on high cholesterol is minimal. In fact, the use of oil and margarine to fry eggs actually has a greater effect on increasing our blood cholesterol levels.

Based on a thorough review of existing research, the evidence for an effect of eggs on blood cholesterol is deemed insufficient. Thus, experts conclude that eggs are safe for consumption even for people with high cholesterol. Although don’t overdo it.

How many eggs are safe for consumption?

Several studies conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School found that consuming one egg a day is safe for most people.

Hundreds of thousands of people over the decades reported what they ate and all the medical conditions they experienced. The studies found no higher rates of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease in people who ate one egg per day.

In conclusion, eggs are safe and healthy if you eat them in moderation. But since you usually eat eggs with other foods, it’s also important to take into account the amount of cholesterol from that product. Butter, cheese, bacon, sausage, bread and other common breakfast choices can add to your blood cholesterol levels.