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Quoting the site of the Constitution, on Friday, November 23, 2018.

The latest stock market reports showed a decline in the value of trading during the last four sessions to reach LE 5.8 billion compared to LE 8.6 billion the week before, after 1.194 billion transactions were executed and 1.27 billion securities were executed through 121 thousand transactions. With 126,000 operations over the past week.

The report showed that the Nile Stock Exchange recorded a trading value of 5.1 million pounds and through the circulation of 9.7 million sheets on 719 transactions.

He pointed out that the shares acquired 95.49% of the total value of trading within the cabin, while the bonds acquired about 4.51.

We thank you and the visitors to the field of news portal for confidence and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important from all reliable news sources, has been transferred (5.8 billion pounds value of transactions on the stock exchange in 4 sessions), and the source is responsible for what was reported.
Source: Constitution



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