Egyptian actress Rania Youssef is scheduled to appear in court in January for wearing a partially transparent dress during the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival, a judicial source said Saturday.

The actress had parade Thursday on the red carpet dressed in a tight dress at the top and right and transparent down revealing her legs.

Egyptian lawyer Amrou Abdessalam has filed a lawsuit in Cairo court, accusing the actress of "incitement to debauchery," an offense punishable by five years of imprisonment, according to a judicial official.

The case will be examined on January 12, according to the same judicial source who requested anonymity.

Another lawyer, Samir Sabri, who is known to have lodged a complaint against several celebrities, has also filed a complaint with the public prosecutor citing the same accusations against the actress.

"The appearance of Rania Youssef is contrary to the traditions, values ​​of society and her customs, and this has harmed the festival and the image of the Egyptian woman," Sabri told AFP.

The union of Egyptian artists has denounced in a statement, without naming a name, "the appearance of some guests of the festival that is hardly consistent with the traditions of society …"

Assuring that he "believes in the personal freedom of the artists", the union called on the latter to "take into account their responsibilities towards an audience that respects their art".

After the outcry triggered on the web, the actress apologized to the public.

"I probably made a miscalculation when I chose to wear this dress," she wrote on her Twitter account stating that she "did not think (the dress) would trigger as much anger."

Earlier this year, an Egyptian singer accused of "incitement to debauchery" was arrested and detained for four days after the broadcast of a video clip featuring sensual oriental dance scenes and suggestive gestures.


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