Egypt.. New developments in the “Basant” suicide case because of the fabricated pictures.. and the issuance of a court ruling against one of the accused

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: An Egyptian court sentenced a minor to 5 years in prison after convicting him of violating a show and blackmailing a girl, which led to her suicide, in an incident that a few months ago sparked widespread anger in the country, according to a judicial official.

Basant Khaled, a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl who lived with her family in a village near the city of Tanta (about 100 km north of Cairo), committed suicide last December 23 by swallowing a poisonous tablet after publishing pictures attributed to her on the Internet, which are considered an insult to her honor in a very conservative rural community.

The 16-year-old minor was tried before the Child Court in Tanta, but 5 other defendants in the same case are being tried before a criminal court, with a verdict issued against them on May 10.

The boy was sentenced to two years in prison for indecent assault, and the court also sentenced him to another 3 years in prison after convicting him of publishing photographs and videos “without the victim’s consent.”

After the girl committed suicide, an official in the Public Prosecution said that she had been blackmailed for refusing to have sexual relations with a group of young men.

After her suicide, the girl’s father denied that the pictures published on the Internet were of his daughter, stressing that the picture of his daughter had been installed on the body of another person.