Egypt opens Gaza border for a month for Ramadan


Egypt.- The Egyptian president ordered the exceptional opening of the border with Loop for one month on the occasion of Ramadan, after the massive protests in which almost 60 Gazans shot dead by Israeli soldiers on the fence that separates Israel from Palestinian territory. President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi wrote on Thursday night on Facebook that the decision was made ” to relieve suffering “of the inhabitants of the Palestinian enclave. Photo: AFP. The Gaza Strip is subject to an Israeli blockade for more than 10 years and its border with Egypt It was mostly closed in recent years for security reasons. The border between Egypt Y Loop It usually opens a few tens of days a year and such a long period is unusual. The announcement of Al Sisi It takes place after nearly 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire on Monday in protests at the border fence. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the victims ” martyrs ” A total of 114 Gazans have been killed in protests and clashes since March 30, as tension mounted before the controversial inauguration of the United States embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. Child at the border. Photo: AFP. Egypt has relations with both Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas – which governs the Gaza Strip – which gives Cairo a key role in easing tensions between the two sides and easing the pressure on the two million people. inhabitants of that Palestinian territory. Hamas leader Ismail Haniya made a brief visit to Egypt on Sunday, where he met with intelligence services director Abas Kamel. In this note:
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