Egypt.. The forensic report reveals the details of what the butcher of Mansoura did, Naira Ashraf.. These are the results of the hymen examination

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The forensic report of Naira Ashraf, a Mansoura student who was killed by a young man in front of the university gate, revealed the details of the crime.

Forensic report details

The report indicated that the right neck muscles were cut and dislocated between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae, in addition to penetrating wounds in the chest that cut into the left lung.

The report confirmed that the girl’s neck has limited soft tissues, cuts and cuts in muscles and blood vessels, with a wound in the back of the neck, including the skin and muscles, causing a dislocation between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae.

The report continued that by examining the chest area, a penetrating lesion was observed in the chest cavity, causing a cut in the left lung, and about 1.5 liters of bleeding was found in the cavity, some of which was clotted, indicating that by examining the abdomen, it was found that it was safe, and it was noted that there was food in the stomach that was still in the process of digestion, while The organs of the liver, kidneys, and spleen were healthy, according to the Al website.

The report confirmed that the girl’s hymen was intact and free of any old or recent tears, and the uterus was intact and free.

Prosecutor’s report

And the Egyptian Public Prosecution had revealed in its pleading before the Mansoura Criminal Court that the relationship between the killer and Naira did not exceed a fellowship, and its beginning was in 2020, when the accused tried to weave an emotional relationship with her, but she refused.

The prosecution added that the accused confessed to trying to kill the girl, and told her at the moment of her killing, “By God, I will slaughter you so that you will not be someone else.” And his confessions in which he revealed all the details of the killing and slaughter, and his confession that he had intended to kill her for a year and a half and her family tried to keep him away from her, but to no avail.

The prosecution said that the accused sent a text message to the girl 3 months ago on her mobile phone telling her that he would kill her by beheading, and that he would not leave an intact part in her body, adding that he killed her morally before committing his crime and that the accused followed the girl 3 times to carry out his crime and failed twice and succeeded in the third .

The prosecution added that the accused said in the investigations, “I did not believe I arrived in Mansoura so that I could kill her and end her life,” acknowledging his bad faith and determination to carry out his crime.

The Mansoura Criminal Court had sentenced the killer to death by hanging, to be the fastest ruling in a case in the history of Egypt.