“EgyptAir” operates 9 flights from Jeddah and Madinah for the return of pilgrims.. Saturday

Cairo – Mubasher: EgyptAir announced that, tomorrow, Saturday, it will operate 9 flights to transport pilgrims to Egypt.

The company said in a statement today, Friday, that the flights will be 6 flights from Jeddah to Cairo.

She explained that the trips will be divided between one trip to Burj Al Arab and 3 flights from Madinah to Cairo for the return of a total of 1970 pilgrims from tourism companies, the delegation of the Ministry of Solidarity, the Interior, Port Said, Fayoum, South and North Sinai, the House of Representatives, the Solidarity of the Endowment Mission, Port Said, Ismaila, Sharkia, Damietta, Beheira, work, residence, individuals and foreigners. .