«Egyptian countryside» codifies the possession of «Gujrin» for 21 thousand acres in Western Sahara


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Monday, April 16 2018 – 6:42 PM
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Monday, April 16 2018 – 6:42 PM

Ather Hanoura, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new Egyptian Rural Development Company, signed the final contracts for the area of ​​21 thousand feddans owned by the company “Gujrin Jojoba oil” in the area of ​​the Western Sahara in the Western Sahara with a total of 500 million pounds, within the project million tons of acres, .
Hanoura said during the signing of contracts with the leaders of Gujrin, that the regulation came in implementation of the program of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to complete the contract with investors who proved their seriousness in agriculture and investment, and complied with all terms of the contract and pricing, pointing out that the project «Jojoba» is likely to be one of the best investment projects in Egypt And the Middle East during the coming period.
For his part, Hossam Abdulqader, Chairman of Jujreen Oil Company, said that the signing of the contracts is a long-awaited dream 10 years ago. He pointed out that he seeks to establish several projects in several new fields, most notably fish farming and olive oil production.
“The first time I feel that the state is in my back, support me.”
For his part, Amr Saad, managing director of the company, said the company is seeking to establish the largest giant project in the production of Jojoba oil in Egypt and the Middle East.
He said that his company occupies the top position in the Middle East in the cultivation and production of jojoba seeds, and ranks fifth in the world.


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