Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Egyptian News The expected absence, the formation of the match and the date of the match

Learn about the latest Egyptian news before the match between Monana in the second leg of the 32nd Cup Confederation Cup; the date of the meeting, and what are the absences? And how will the composition be expected? Ahmed Al-Sioufi
Al-Masry Al-Borseidi will host Monana Monana Al-Jabouni in the second leg of the 32nd African Confederations Cup. The match will be held at Port Said Stadium on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 AD, 30 Rajab 1439 AH.
The Greens’ Eagles enter the match after a draw in the first leg with Gabon in the 1-1 draw to set their sights on qualifying for the Round of 16. Al-Masri plays well in this season’s championship. He managed to surpass Green Buffalo in the Premier League after defeating In the first leg of the match (2-1) he returned to slay his opponent with a beautiful fourth without a reply to move to the 64th place, where he faces against the stubborn club Simba, who managed to score a negative draw at the Green Eagles Stadium, but the Egyptian managed to draw in the second leg away from home (2-2) to qualify for the Round of 32 to meet the new Gabonese Monna. Related Materials It is worth mentioning that Al-Masri occupies the fourth place in the Egyptian Premier League with 52 points and has three games postponed, and competes strongly on the net after the league won the championship and won the league title this season.
Egyptian absence – injuries and suspensions Al-Masry enters full strength after the return of Farid Shawqi to complete the team, and there are no types of suspensions.

Expected configuration Coach Hossam Hassan is expected to start in full force and in the same manner as usual, which will lead to good results.

Formation 4.5.1

Ahmed Boska
Mohamed Hamdy – Mohamed Kofi – Islam Salah – Ahmed Shata
Mohamed Grindo – Ahmed Shukry – Islam Issa – Farid Shawqi – Bansieh
Ahmed Gomaa
Monana News and expected configuration Monna Jabboni will not be able to attack Abdo Djamelo Hachabao because of injury and is expected to start in the same formation with some players changing.

Formation 4-4-2

Stephen Pitsky
Henri Chico Sasso – Loubran Loreal Sita Milando – Bab Alio Padara Diouf – Dimitri Peppang Pi Mboy
Gilor Mondoni – Louis Amika Ochanga – Diodony Nkomi – Nick Sanda Zambelli
Hamido Senayoko – Allan Nono

Match date and channel carrier The match will be played on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 AD, corresponding to 30 Rajab 1439 AH, at 19:30 Cairo time, 20:30 Mecca time.
the match Egyptian – Monana The appointment Tuesday 17 April 2018 AD, corresponding to 30 Rajab 1439 Hijri, 19:30 Cairo time, 20:30 Mecca time Pitch Port Said Stadium Judgment Nour al-Din al-Jaafari Channel conveyor –

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