Eight children ransack classes in Bron

Tables and chairs overturned, school supplies scattered on the ground… Three classes at the elementary school Pierre-Cot, in Bron, near Lyon, were vandalized last Monday. J. Bréaud, Mayor of Bron / Facebook

Aged 9 to 13, they broke into a school. The mayor of the town near Lyon is considering turning against the parents.

They were eight children. The youngest is only 9 years old, the oldest 13. This Monday evening, they broke into the elementary school Pierre-Cot, in Bron, near Lyon, and ransacked three classes. The mayor, who quantifies the damage at “several thousand, even several tens of thousands of euros”decided to lodge a complaint and an investigation was opened.

“The school, located in one of the two priority districts of Bron, is currently being renovatedexplains the mayor (LR), Jérémie Bréaud. One of the service providers had closed the door incorrectly. In this district, there is a lot of delinquency, but here it is about children from 9 to 13 years old…” Overturned shelves, overturned tables and chairs, school supplies scattered on the ground, degraded toilets, and even a toilet bowl, reserved for people with reduced mobility, destroyed with sledgehammers… Surprised by the caretaker of the establishment shortly before 9 p.m., the young people still had time to talk about important…

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