Eight million people die each year from excessive tobacco use

Tobacco addiction causes more than 50 diseases, such as lung, liver, pancreas, cardiovascular and other cancers.

This Monday, 31, is celebrated the World Day to Combat Tobacco, also called the world no tobacco day. The date was created in 1987 by the World Health Organization (WHO) with the main focus on warning about diseases and death caused by excessive tobacco consumption.

Tobacco addiction causes more than 50 diseases, such as lung, liver, pancreas, cardiovascular diseases, digestive tract ulcers, cataracts, osteoporosis, among others.

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA) Every year, eight million people die from tobacco. Overuse is responsible for 25% of all cancer deaths worldwide. In 2019, 32,200 new cases of lung cancer due to smoking were registered, with more than 400 people dying every day from this disease.

Sara Lima, hairdresser and makeup artist, lit cigarettes for her older sister and over time, the game became a habit. Early exposure to tobacco use was normal in the family’s routine.

??I’m from a family of smokers and at age 12 I tried it for the first time, answering a request from my older sister who always asked to light her cigarette. Practically everyone in my family smoked very early. We thought it was very normal, I lit a cigarette and thought it was great. Over time, I started working and buying my own tobacco. He thought it was beautiful to see a woman smoking??, he reported

Sara smoked until she was 46 years old, between relapses and always seeking to maintain self-control. For 10 years, the makeup artist still feels like smoking, but she resists.

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SMOKE X COVID-19 – A scientific survey published by the WHO for over a year, points out that smokers are more likely to develop serious illnesses and even death from covid-19. This explosive relationship worried hairdresser Sara Lima as soon as the pandemic took hold globally.

??I have asthma and I want to take care of my health as I am very afraid of contracting the covid-19 virus again. The first time I got it, I had mild symptoms, it was very lucky. I always give my life example to everyone who smokes. I want everyone to know about the harm caused by smoking. My oldest daughter smokes and, unfortunately, she used me as an example?

TREATMENT – The ?Tobacco Program?, promoted by the state government, offers free treatment to smokers. For the patient to have access, he/she must seek the Coordination of Primary Care of the Health Department of the municipality where he/she resides.

Health professionals in the interior undergo training, promoted by the National Cancer Institute, in order to serve patients more specifically. The intention is to form a multidisciplinary team, composed of nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and physicians, who individually assess the cases received.

The data collected by the medical team are sent to the Ministry of Health (MS) and after monitoring the cases, the Ministry forwards all medication for patients to start treatment. Patients aged between 18 and 60 years are the ones who most seek help, according to the profile drawn by Sesau.

In 2007, Law No. 745/09 was enacted, which prohibits the use of cigarettes and any tobacco products in public places, according to the law, authored by former Congresswoman Marília Pinto. After two years, the Legislative Assembly of Roraima enacted Law No. 745/09, which prohibits the consumption of cigarettes and any other smoking product, whether tobacco or not, in public places. The law creates environments for collective use free from cigarettes, also by Marília Pinto.

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