Eight out of 10 companies will remain in “home office” after confinement

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79% of companies that carried out remote work due to confinement due to COVID-19 they will follow this modality when the period of protection for the pandemic ends.

“Without a doubt, we see a great opportunity in the long-term implementation of the” home office “model. The results are showing that the same quality and efficiency standards can be maintained with more motivated employees., applying monitoring tools adapted to the new situation, “said Elia Santillán, CEO of Atento in Mexico.

A survey applied to companies in the retail, banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors carried out by the consulting firm Atento, found that the optimal percentage of time spent in the “home office” model would be 50%.

“47% of those surveyed consider that the biggest risks companies face after the crisis is the loss of customers and the drop in consumption of their product or service,” the company said in a statement.

Respondents indicated that contact centers are the channel most used by customers, followed by web and mobile applications, with an increase of 24%, 21% and 17%, respectively.

On the other hand, eight out of 10 respondents say that the situation of confinement as a result of COVID-19 Changed channel usage.

“Both in the sales service (28%) and in queries and incidents (31%), the contact center continues to be the channel chosen by customers over instant messaging, email or the mobile applications themselves.”

On the other hand, companies estimate higher investments in services such as mobile applications with 27%, web applications with 23% and solutions contact center with 21%, in the coming months.





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