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Private health continues to show signs of retraction due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the users of prepaid medicine, 82.2% stated that they were already looking for alternatives or that they would do so imminently in case of prolonged crisis.

The data comes from a survey carried out by the specialized site MiObraSocial.com.ar, in which 589 subscribers to a private health plan expressed their perspective regarding the continuity of the service.

Delving into the reasons, 54.3% exclusively alluded to the need to lower household expenses, while 33.7% excused that they were not using the coverage, for which they preferred to suspend or look for a cheaper option.

If we take into account that, according to the latest reports from the Superintendency of Health Services, there are more than 7 and a half million affiliates to the different prepaid medicines, we can affirm that more than 3 million people will evaluate a change only to be able to reduce their level of expenses.

Compared to previous periods, an increase in the intention to change stands out, which according to other studies by MiObraSocial had reached 79% in August 2019 and 68% in 2018, both years plagued by rate increases.

“Historically, the cost factor has been decisive for a person when it comes to maintaining or not their health plan. In 2020, the economic downturn derived from the preventive isolation caused by the coronavirus impacted more strongly than the rate increases had in previous years, ”says Mariana Di Franco,

Commercial Manager of MiObraSocial.

Among the affiliates who seek to reduce costs, 59% would prefer to switch to another prepaid with lower prices and 32% would evaluate a social work, while for those who evaluate changing for benefit reasons, another prepaid would be the option chosen in 83 % of the cases.

For the survey MiObraSocial took a sample composed of 589 people adhered to a private medicine service, 57% from CABA and GBA and 43% from the interior. 46% of single-person households, 26% families (3 + people), 14% couples (2 people), 14% others.

Recall that weeks ago the same platform published another analysis on unemployment and medical coverage, which projected 40,000 people with a prepaid who would lose access to the service due to being unemployed during the pandemic.

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