Eight reports via CoronaMelder, 412 people had themselves tested | NOW

After a report from the CoronaMelder app, a total of 412 people informed the GGD that they wanted to be tested. They specifically reported that they had contacted the app, said Ron Roozendaal, Director of Information Policy of the Ministry of Health in the House of Representatives on Monday.

Eight users reported an infection via the app. This would mean that there would be fifty close contacts per report, but according to Roozendaal this is not realistic.

Presumably fewer people actually received a notification. Roozendaal refers to what happened in Ireland in a similar test. There, the figure eventually dropped to sixteen close contacts per infection.

The GGDs are currently testing people for the corona virus without symptoms, provided they have received a warning from the CoronaMelder app. Normally, GGDs only test people who experience complaints.

So, some may have pretended to have been notified so that they could be tested. The app makes it impossible for privacy reasons to determine how many people have actually received a notification.

The extent to which it is possible to have yourself tested without symptoms after the test period depends on the capacity and the guidelines that apply nationally at that time, says Roozendaal.

Number of corona tests increased in the testing provinces

The number of corona tests performed rose faster in test areas than in the rest of the Netherlands: an increase of 53.6 percent, compared to 29.8 percent outside. “This is probably largely due to an increase in attention for the app with the introduction of the CoronaMelder”, says Roozendaal.

About 10 percent of all reports of ‘close contact’ reported by the CoronaMelder concerned contact at a distance of 3 to 10 meters. These distances are therefore significantly greater than the 1.5 meters distance that people must keep among themselves. Just over 70 percent involved a distance of 1.5 meters or less. The CoronaMelder does not register contact until it has lasted fifteen minutes or more.

The CoronaMelder is currently being tested in five GGD regions. These are the regions of Drenthe, IJsselland, North and East Gelderland, Gelderland-South and Twente. The rollout of the app has been postponed. It is not possible to meet the deadline of September 1, because a necessary emergency law will not be ready by then.

There is now a reporting point for abuse of the CoronaMelder, such as a company that requires you to use the app. That reporting point falls under the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate.


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