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In November, HIV / AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) will be reported at the continuing and vocational schools in Rhineland-Palatinate as every year. Experts from the health ministries and the AIDS-Hilfe inform Schlerinnen and Schler from 5 to 9 November about how in the area of ​​sexuality, the health and can be protected.

                                    Region / Neuwied. Given good treatment methods, the knowledge of young people about HIV and AIDS threatens to lose importance. This leads to careless and unnecessarily risky behavior. On the other hand, the School Week aims to provide preventative information about HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Many HIV-positive people today can lead a normal life with the help of effective medications for a chronic condition. Some other sexually transmitted infections that young people should be aware of are now more in the focus of prevention work. The school events raise awareness among young people that it is important to protect not only HIV but also other sexually transmitted infections. The LZG, together with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Health and Demography, includes the AIDS Help Rhineland-Palatinate and the health mothers to the initiators of the Action Week, which takes place for the eighth time this year. Due to their temporal closeness, the school prevention week allows a bridge to World AIDS Day, which is celebrated annually on December 1. Protect recognize treat
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), also called STDs, are among the most common sexually transmitted infections in Germany besides HIV. These include, for example, the Chlamydia infection, HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, trichomoniasis and hepatitis B. Exact numbers can not be called by the Robert Koch Institute for all diseases, since not all infections are notifiable. The STIs are lighter and sometimes transmissible in ways other than HIV, such as smear infections, kisses or oral sex. Left untreated, such infections can lead to central nervous system damage, infertility, or other long-term health problems. In addition, they make the body vulnerable and can increase the risk of HIV infection. Condoms are important, but do not protect against all STI. With which behavior one protects in a particular case against sexually transmitted infections the professionals of the AIDS aids and health care will bring the young people. They also promote solidarity: People with HIV continue to face discrimination and special treatment at work, in sport, in social interaction. The Action Week raises awareness of meeting people with HIV without prejudice and enabling them to live unhindered
During the week of prevention, the AIDS / STI counseling centers of the health ministry cooperate with AIDS aid in Rhineland-Palatinate and implement local actions for pupils and apprentices at various locations.
In the district of Neuwied, the health authority conducts prevention and information events at the following secondary and vocational schools: Ludwig Erhard School in Neuwied and vocational training center in Heimbach Weis. At the event there is the possibility of the offers of the Advice Center for Sexual Health including AIDS of the Get acquainted with health authorities and deal with the topic of sexually transmitted infections, explains Gerhard Wermter. We want to raise awareness about the risks of infection, inform about warning signs and symptoms and strengthen the self-responsibility of the adolescents. Nobody should fend off the idea of ​​a venereal disease according to the motto: This does not affect me, says Beate Klb, director of the health department Neuwied. Support for teachers and schools
A nationwide training program already enabled teachers to find out about the current state of HIV / AIDS and STI in October, as well as methodically working out how the topic can be implemented in the classroom. In addition, attention was drawn to the cooperation with AIDS-Hilfe and Gesundheitsmtern in Rhineland-Palatinate, which are available not only as part of the Action Week, but throughout the year as regional contact points for schools. In addition to information offers or staff-communicative offers, they also support school-own actions, for example on the World AIDS Day. Information material of the LZG
A flyer of the LZG entitled Infection knows no limits is an important guide to sexual health. It provides information on various sexually transmitted infections and names contagiousness, course, treatment, symptoms, prevention and risks. The LZG has also developed a flyer for intimate hygiene for girls and boys who are getting into puberty. The flyer gives youth-friendly tips for your own health and provides basic information on proper body and Intimhygiene.Die materials can be downloaded or ordered on the homepage of the LZG:
Further information and a list of the events taking place during the week of the prevention can be found on the LZG homepage at for the regional action in the district Neuwied: Gerhard Wermter, district health office Neuwied, Phone: 02631 / 803-713. (PM)

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