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EIKA group of companies has invested 116 thousand. euros to start-up Movewise

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According to Eika CEO Dom Dargis, investing in proptech start-ups is an integral part of the company’s innovation strategy. “From 2017. We are implementing an internal innovation program, using good start-up practices in our daily activities and launching more and more innovative products and services, we are constantly cooperating with both local and international start-ups, ”says D. Dargis.

Tom Scarborough, founder and CEO of Movewise, says that in addition to financial investment, the top-level EIKA Group’s marketing, information technology and sales management expertise is expected to be integrated into the evolving real estate sales platform.

Movewise is the only sales platform in the UK where multiple real estate brokers can be used simultaneously. For this reason, it helps small and medium-sized real estate developers, companies and individuals who want to sell their homes to get the highest level real estate brokerage services tailored to a specific area and to enjoy a smoother sales experience.

Movewise hopes to become the main choice for selling assets in the UK, which sells more than € 130,000 a year. Real estate objects, as well as to expand in other European countries. Movewise was founded in 2018 and started developing in 2019. at the beginning. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has already participated in 100 apartment purchase and sale transactions worth 65 million. pounds sterling.

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