“Either you tell them to calm down a bit or it’s a problem”: little hiccup during the RTBF 1 p.m. news

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During the 1 p.m. news this Friday, March 24 on RTBF, sports journalist Pierre Deprez was in duplex from Sweden to preface the meeting between our Red Devils and Zlatan Ibrahimović’s teammates.

The national team supporters present in the brasserie were already setting the mood. Perhaps even too much because the presenter Ophélie Fontana had to intervene to explain to Pierre Deprez that his words were becoming inaudible on the air. “The fans are too loud, that’s the problem. So either you tell them to calm down a bit, or it’s a problem for our viewers.”she explained live.

After asking for calm, Pierre Deprez was fortunately able to continue his presentation without the slightest clash.

Sweden-Belgium will kick off at 8:45 p.m. This is the first qualifying match for Euro 2024.