The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Friday in a meeting with the economic cabinet that it must advance in food production and achieve strategic alliances with various sectors.

He reported that specifically in the National Plan for Meat Supply "they have achieved real progress and an effective delivery of this food product by the Venezuelan livestock regions has been reported, reaching up to 64 percent ".

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"The Apure state has complied with a delivery of 88 percent, Barinas with 36 percent, Bolívar 92 percent, Cojedes 83 percent, Falcón 90 percent, Portuguesa 97 percent and Zulia 24 percent ", he informed.

"We must advance in the production of food. Continue moving forward in Venezuela making alliances with all sectors to lift production ", he said.

He referred that "Venezuela has to produce everything it eats" and the employers asked them to respect the rules of the game and the prices agreed with the national government.

"I tell the Venezuelan businessmen that they have the country and a Bolivarian government that supports the productive initiatives of the country (…) I make a call to the big producers, respect the rules of the game of production, distribution, agreed prices ", concluded.

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