El Barcelona unilaterally terminates the contract of Matheus Fernandes

Seen and not seen, Matheus Fernandes will not wear the Barça shirt again. The club unilaterally terminated the contract of the Brazilian midfielder, who still had four more seasons of ties with Barcelona. His passage as a Blaugrana has been the most silent. It was not introduced when it arrived. Nor will there be great acts of dismissal now that he is leaving with more pain than glory. Go down in the history of resounding fiascos.

In fact, the biggest uproar that it has starred in has been its value for money. He is a 7 million euro player who has only played one game and 17 minutes with Barcelona’s first team. He didn’t even play in all three preseason friendlies with Koeman. His stage, without counting the salary, comes out to 411,000 euros per minute in the field. A crazy expense.

Crazy signing

The midfielder, who was a substitute for Palmeiras, cost 7 million and has barely played 17 minutes

From the footballer’s environment they explain that it is a unilateral decision by the club, that no agreement has been reached nor had there been any negotiation. A jug of cold water for the player, who is in Barcelona, ​​nothing was expected and today he celebrates his 23rd birthday. According Sports world, the Brazilian found out by mail, which is how the club would have communicated it to him.

Matheus has spent the season watching football from the stands and the bench. He has been left out of the Dutch coach’s call on 24 occasions and in 30 games he was on the bench. Only in one did he take off his tracksuit to go out on the field. It was on November 24 in Kiev in a Champions League match, where he entered the field with 0-3 in the 73rd minute, replacing Pedri.

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He was not presented and leaves without even playing at the Camp Nou

There was no more. In the club they use as an argument to dispense with Matheus’s services that the performance and the level of the medium has not been the minimum required for a professional.

Not only that, but Barça’s technical secretariat has tried to find a place for him in the last two market windows. He was presented with several offers from clubs outside of Spain – he was on loan for half a year at Valladolid and did not work since he barely played three games (1 whole) – and Matheus always discarded them. He didn’t want to move. Hence, the club has opted for the legal route as a solution.


The former technical secretary, Éric Abidal, saw him play in Brazil and recommended his incorporation

Meanwhile, the player is getting information and advice to see what his next step should be in this conflict that has left him without a team.

On January 31, 2020, in the middle of the afternoon of the last day of the winter market, the announcement of the hiring of Matheus arrived. Barcelona paid 7 million to Palmeiras, plus three in variables, for the midfielder.

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It was the former technical secretary, Éric Abidal, who discovered it on a trip to Brazil. Although another version is that he let himself be carried away by the advice of André Cury, who was Barça’s scout in the Brazilian market. And is that, before signing for Barça, in the Brazilian league in 2019, the midfielder was a substitute 22 times and only six starts at Palmeiras.

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