‘El Bronco’ will publish on Facebook its patrimonial declaration


Jaime Rodríguez Calderón. Photo: Twitter / @ JaimeRdzNL

On his second day of activities as an independent presidential candidate, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, announced that he will make public his patrimonial declaration on Facebook .
“The Bronco” He visited the land where he was born, where he ate tacos, he walked in a truck route and he was in a park , among other activities.
I’m going to publish everything I have, I’m going to publish that people know, people want to know what it is that you have and then when you finish with how much you stayed. Who remembers Calderón’s statement, what did he have and what does he have today? “He said.

We built this park on land that the Zetas used to hide and commit crimes. Today the families of # García they use it to walk and live. That’s what families around #Mexico pic.twitter.com/oeWXqv4lZh
– JAIME RDZ EL BRONCO (@JaimeRdzNL) April 15, 2018

“El Bronco” confessed that in personal accounts has about 2 and a half million pesos apart from its properties like the ranch it has.
I do not know exactly how much my property costs, I’ve never made an appraisal, I do not have it as a business. I bought my ranch that I have that are different pieces, that is not a big ranch, that are different pieces that I plant there, it must cost the hectare around 50, 60 thousand pesos and already with infrastructure that has above, I will tell you 100 thousand weights “, revealed

He pointed out that publishing the statements is populist, that is why he will do it as “3 out of 3” which is private, he will do it in the aforementioned social network.
Let people know why you have to know. He wants to know what you have for when you finish, how long you stayed, “he said.

“El Bronco” acknowledged that today his properties are different from what he told three years ago in the campaign for governor of Nuevo Leon and said that this is because more animals were born (from his livestock) and also because he sold some properties.
From his ranch, he mentioned that there are about 260 hectares where he has planted walnut trees that when he sells the harvest he uses it for his expenses like paying for his children’s schools.
On the other hand, the presidential candidate said that will propose the other candidates to a security pact in Mexico .
What has to be done is a pact, the candidates so that anyone who arrives will solve the security problem and is an approach that I am going to make to other candidates, the security issue belongs to everyone, “he said.

He added that this is useful because if not the criminals see that there is no agreement.
Because the criminal says: look if he wins this one will go to my mother, one will forgive me, the other wants to put me in the boat, “he said.

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