El Colorado: Convalescent plasma extraction was carried out

A platelet donor was added on the occasion

The hospital in the town of El Colorado hosted the extraction process called plasmapheresis, through which plasma was obtained from donors recovered from COVID, who met the requirements and conditions.

“We articulated the day with the local hospital to carry out the extraction of three donors who had been previously recruited. The examinations were carried out in a timely manner and they met the necessary conditions ”, indicated from the direction of the Provincial Network of Laboratories, dependent on the Ministry of Human Development.

They recalled, in this sense, that the procedures for the collection of convalescent plasma are carried out according to the protocols and, in this case, as in previous ones, they could be specified thanks to the portable apheresis equipment “with which we have at the Center Provincial of Hemotherapy, which can be transported from one place to another. And at the same time because the conditions and quality of the sample can be preserved, in relation to the distance it must travel from the extraction “.

They specified, once again, that after people express their willingness to be donors, the pertinent checks must be carried out in order to determine if they can be or not. Subsequently, the entire extraction process is started. And they explained that this work modality has been implemented throughout the province, since the first donations.

Likewise, they added that the activity was very productive because, in addition, platelets were extracted using plateletpheresis, “from a person who volunteered as a donor of this blood component and is already targeting a patient admitted to the Central hospital.”

“In total there were 3 plasma donors and the platelet donor joined. The 4 natives of El Colorado. Very grateful to all with this human gesture so important for another like it ”, they valued.

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“Sincerely, thank you very much to the residents of the province who, despite having suffered from the disease, as soon as they recovered gave their consent to donate plasma and thus help others who may, eventually, need to undergo convalescent plasma treatment in order to overcome COVID” they pointed out.

Regarding the previous one, they reiterated once again the call to the recovered to come and donate. “The call remains in force, taking into account that despite the favorable epidemiological situation that the province is currently experiencing, the pandemic did not end and we must be attentive, not only to preventive care, but also to the needs that could arise, such as for example convalescent plasma ”.