El Comercio Answers: Electricity voucher: what is it, and how much does the amount rise again?

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He government approved on June 26 a new bond that seeks to benefit millions of Peruvians during the state of emergency. Its about Electricity bonus, which will allow the most vulnerable families to cover the payment of electricity bills issued since March.

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The new subsidy was confirmed by the Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations, Glory Montenegro, through his Twitter account. In this way, the Electricity bonus, joins other financial aid granted by the State such as Universal Family Bond, I stay at home, the Independent Bond and the Rural Bond.

What is the Electricity Bonus?

He bono seeks to alleviate the expenses of a basic service such as light bill to the Peruvian families in the midst of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in the country.

How much is the amount of the Electricity Bonus?

He Electricity bonus will be by 160 soles to cover payments for receipts of light emitted during the quarantine. According to Montenegro, the Executive has allocated around 800 million soles for the delivery of this subsidy.

Who will be able to receive the Electricity Bonus?

According to the publication of the Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Gloria Montenegro, this financial aid will benefit 24 million Peruvians. Compared to other subsidies, this bond will seek to reach a greater number of households in the country.

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Since when will this voucher be delivered?

The information has not been confirmed by the Executive, so it is awaiting the publication of the Decree in the official newspaper El Peruano, as has happened with the others. bonds offered to the population.

How to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

To reduce the probability of contagion there are several ways. The main ones are:

· Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and use alcohol or disinfecting gel.

· Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from anyone.

· Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, because palpating many objects and surfaces can pick up the virus.

· Maintain good respiratory hygiene: if you cough or sneeze, your mouth and nose should be covered with your elbow bent or with a tissue, which should be discarded immediately.

· Stay home if you are not feeling well. In case you have fever, cough and shortness of breath, seek medical attention and follow the instructions given by health personnel.

Who are the people most at risk from the coronavirus?

Because covid-19 is a new coronavirus, according to global reports, older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes are the ones who develop severe cases of the disease. more often than others.


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